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Hello and welcome to Vegan Caribbean Recipes! Thank you for stopping by this side of the food world. We hope you enjoy our site looking at the delicious recipes and creating unique recipes of your own and please do share your interesting creations with us.

At Vegan Caribbean we are all about high quality, minimal or non processed foods of nutritional value that are beneficial to human health while being of no harm, hurt or disruption to animals and the environment.

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Vegan Caribbean Foods

Surely anyone who has ever visited the Caribbean can remember the green luscious vegetation, fertile lands bustling with all sorts of tropical exotic fruits like mangoes, coconuts, papayas, plums and many more. Growing up in rural Jamaica our childhood memories are filled with eating off the land. The most memorable of occasions was harvesting the ground provisions (yams, sweet potatoes, cocoa, dasheen, cassava, etc..) we had planted. Our method of farming was 100% organic; a term that we did not know existed back then (funny how that works).  

Living off the land was a way of life and we were proud of it. But things were changing, society was changing and the world was changing. The desire for fast, almost instant food, changing appetites has brought about the era of processed foods and with it significant health challenges to nations around the world including those in the Caribbean. 

Living in Jamaica of course meant exposure to the Rastafarian ways of eating. Most people in other countries are shocked and surprised when they are told “Rastas” are vegan by nature. Rastas are in fact among some of the earliest people to adopt a vegan diet.  The form of veganism practiced by Rastafarians is known as “Ital” which is a shortened version of “Vital”. “Vital is Ital” is a common refrain at the heart of Ital in that food should promote “Livity” or life energy and not dead energy or promote sickness. 

So it is this combination of awareness of living off the land, perilous rise of fast food coupled with poor health and awareness of ital that informs and confirms our position that being a Vegan Caribbean is the best way to live for our health, the animals and environment. Caribbean and Jamaican culture has undoubtedly contributed many things to the world: music (reggae, dancehall, soca, calypso), sports (Usain Bolt), tourism and of course food.